B’e Sha’ah Tova! Welcome to Noma Gefiltefish's New Website!

It might seem weird to some people that one would dedicate a whole entire business to something as simple as Gefiltefish. But, obviously, I am not one of those people.  

A'Yiddish A'mame

Noma Gefiltefish is all about the essence of growing up with a Yiddish mom, and turning that jewish tredition into art.. As growing up in a jewish household is all about holidays and food, the Gefilte is my way of sharing my childhood experience.  When I look at the pillows, bean-bags, key chains, pencile bags, and all of my other Gefilte-inspired products, I feel right at home... That's why I would be happy for my creations to be able to call your house their HOME.