noma-gefiltefish-pillow-noam30 years old Noam Levinson, otherwise known as Noma, is a Shenkar textile design devision graduate. What inspires Noma in her art is her childhood memories, a world she holds dear. If you are into pop-art and humorous art- Noma designs is the designer for you. Since her graduation in 2013, Noma devoted herself to her “Gefiltefish” brand. With the Jewish holidays up ahead- “Gefiltefish” is Noma’s proud and joy.

So far, Noma’s Gefiltefish took part in ASUFA Israeli design store sale,  PLATFORM fair, and in “Polish Food Week”. After the success of the Gefiltes in these events, a number of selected items from the Gefiltefish line went into different design stores throughout the country.

noma-gefiltefish-pillow copyThroughout most of her life Noma was called “Granny” or “Polish”, and that was despite her very colourful nature. Her being half-Polish made her grow up in the most cliche environment, which included sentences such as:
“These kind of things only happen to me”
“Is this how you’re going to leave the house?”
“I have had my say, now you do what you understand best”. Etc.

Nevertheless, when things were on the OK side at home- Noma and her family used to laugh about these kind of phrases. Maybe that is why she was looking for that one symbol, that one thing that screams POLISH. And she found it in the Gefiltefish. That one little grey fish-ball that was so unattractive that she had no idea why so many years and decades it stayed on as the symbol for holiday dinner, or even for food. But it was. It was the symbol for holiday get-togethers when the family gets to blab about everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets, or simply send out annoying “hints” around the family table.

When she was in her 3rd year of Textile studies, one of her teachers asked her class to design a collection of sweaters, using anything they liked for inspiration. She chose Ashkenazy Food. There was something about it’s texture, it’s colourfulness, that gave her inspiration, and she felt like it’s such a subject no one has ever used before.

HandMade With Love

The most amazing thing about her Gefiltefish collection is the fact that all of her items are handmade. There is no “mass-production” with Noma. As some designers choose a collection line, create the prototype and send the rest to factories and outsource their manufacturing, Noma likes to do everything herself. It just feels right for her. And it’s not just that she makes Gefiltefish products handmade that is amazing, it is also the fact that it is the most POLISH attitude ever… “I will just sit here alone in the dark and do this…” is a very common Yiddish phrase, heard in every Jewish home. Noma took it to extream when making her – Sawing in the dark, alone – video.

Noma Design

You can enjoy more products from Noam Levinson's other collections- like city bags, accessories and even costumes,

all to be found at Noam's design website.